Acrylic enamels

Kokolo paints for crafts and fine arts

Its acrylic character is made up of a glossy water-soluble enamel.
It has a non-yellowing quality and is designed to provide a great finish both on inside and outside surfaces.

Its acrylic formula considerably reduces its smell, and is very respectful to the environment, and has very low levels of COV.

Is used for decorating and protecting doors and windows, radiators, walls, property, etc. both at home and in public and private places.


  • Shake the contents in the bottle well before applying
  • The surfaces must be dry and free of dust and grease.
  • On a new surface, if it is wood or plaster, apply one or two coats of sealant first.
  • If the object to be painted is iron, apply a layer of antioxidant primer.
  • On a painted surface that is in good condition, it is enough to clean it. On surfaces whose paint is old, proceed as if it were new, and remove the paint that is in poor condition, sand it and prepare it.
  • Do not paint at temperatures below 5ºC. Prevent the product from freezing.
  • Clean the utensils immediately after use.
  • If applied by spray, we recommend using a mask.

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