Water-based paints

We present the new range of Kokolo-Adithes Acrylic Paint, which has come to strengthen Kokolo’s manufacturing image in the crafts sector.
Kokolo paints for crafts and fine arts

Specially formulated for crafts art and decoration, given that the objects that are decorated require the colors last a long time without fading.

These paints are polyvalent given that they are designed for use on different materials, such as paper, cardboard, wood, canvas, cement, plaster, alabaster, clay, polyurethane, etc.

They are applied directly without any need to cover pores. In addition, they are designed to be applied on difficult materials: plastic objects, celluloid, glass, as long as you apply a coat of KOKOLO RUBBER.

They are very solid colors and have good resistance to open-air, water and atmospheric agents.

Once the film dries, these paints are compatible with water-based varnishes, alcohol, turpentine, etc., without bleeding into the color of the paint film.

Also, given how slowly these paints dry, they are optimal for crackle glass.

The matte paints produce clearer colors.


  • All colors may be mixed together

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